Egg Donation Agreements

Mature Oocyte Whether you are a donor or an intended parent entering into an egg donation arrangement, we are happy to assist you in the drafting and negotiation of your known or anonymous egg donation agreement. Egg donation agreements are an essential part of the egg donation process and help protect your parental rights as well as ensure that all aspects of your egg donation arrangement are clearly set forth and protected by a legally enforceable contract. For more information on why egg donation agreements are important you may read an article which Liz wrote for family lawyers who might be presented with a client entering into an egg donation agreement with little experience regarding the preparation of these types of contracts. Please note that this article – while providing insight into the legal importance of egg donation agreements – is not written for intended parents who are experiencing the emotionally and financially complex world of third-party assisted reproduction. You can also review Liz’s popular blog for discussion of egg donation and other third-party assisted reproductive agreements.

If you are looking for an agency to help you complete an egg donation we can help you select the best agency to meet your needs and help you find the right donor for your family and budget.

For tips on choosing an egg donor read Liz’s article in the Winter Issue of the RESOLVE of Greater Hartford’s Newsletter. (PDF)

We also have pre-negotiated referral arrangements with several egg donation agencies across the country which will offer you substantial discounts on legal fees; thus making the legal services you need to complete an egg donation agreement much more affordable when using our office.

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