Sperm Donation Agreements

two mothers with a baby on the beach Known sperm donation is a wonderful way to build a family, but it is also an area of the law that is filled with landmines. If you are not careful, you could inadvertently do something which would undermine your intent to have your friend or family member donate sperm to you but not retain parental rights. Or you may, as a donor, not understand the risks you might be facing when donating sperm to a friend. It is critical when entering into a known sperm donation arrangement to have an agreement prepared for you prior to insemination, and which addresses the unique facts and circumstances surrounding your sperm donation arrangement. It is also very important to understand your legal rights and responsibilities, and the potential legal risks involved in the donation of sperm. Among other things, your Sperm Donation Agreement will express the parties’ respective intent as to who will be a parent and who will not be a parent. Whether you are the recipient of the donated sperm, or the donor, in addition to preparing the agreement, my office can advise you on other steps you may take to protect your rights in the future.