Gestational Carrier Agreements

Ultrasound In addition to working on compassionate surrogacy arrangement, my office offers a full range of services to individuals and couples seeking to enter into a surrogacy arrangement. From helping you locate a gestational surrogate (or carrier) or surrogacy agency, to providing legal representation in connection with the drafting and negotiation of your Gestational Carrier Agreement, we are available to help you.

Please note that certain states prohibit certain types of surrogacy arrangements and there are instances when we will be unable to represent you or your carrier due to applicable state laws. In the event we are unable to provide legal representation so that you may complete your arrangement with your gestational carrier we will refer you to representation or agencies that may be able to assist you.

For more information on gestational surrogacy in general please visit Liz’s blog which features several posts on surrogacy and misconceptions about surrogacy.

As the laws pertaining to surrogacy vary from state to state, it is important to understand the restrictions that you may be facing in certain states, or in identifying those states which are most surrogacy-friendly toward your individual situation. For more information on state laws as they pertain to surrogacy visit:

I also offer Trust Account Management services for the distribution of monies pursuant to a Gestational Carrier Agreement. I am the co-owner of an escrow management company, The Stork Escrow Management Connection, Inc.™ (or Stork Escrow™) which services the third-party assisted reproductive community and provides escrow management services for both independent as well as agency-assisted surrogacy arrangements. For more information please visit

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