Choosing an Egg Donor

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So, I just took an interesting call from a client. She was very confused about the benefits of using an experienced or “proven” egg donor versus using a first time donor. A proven donor is one who has either been pregnant and/or had a baby herself or gotten recipient parents pregnant (or both!). A first time donor has never cycled before so her egg quality and recruitment is an unknown.

I tried, and Danielle tried, to explain to her that it doesn’t really matter either way. In fact, I just learned at that amazing conference in Charleston that first time, “unproven,” donors have the same success rates as proven donors. Donors are so carefully screened these days for their fertility that approximately 70% of donors will get the recipient parents pregnant; regardless of whether they have cycled before or not with another recipient family.

But, alas my client couldn’t be persuaded. Much to my surprise as most of clients will only work with a proven donor. This woman was terribly afraid that working with an experienced donor meant she had a greater likelihood of having the “bad” cycle happen during her match with this donor, and that she’d get a crappy bunch of eggs. Statistics don’t bear this fear out at all . . . but since she’s just as likely to get pregnant either way (proven or unproven donor); I suppose it doesn’t really matter?

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