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Why you need to begin thinking about the consequences of “Personhood” Amendments

February 16, 2012 | By:

I have had enough.  Enuf is enuf.

I want to know what ACID or other hallucinogenic drug was put in the water of every member of every state legislature (heck let’s add congress) which are either proposing or passing amendments which declare that preembryos  are to be afforded the same legal status as a  full-grown-eighteen-year-old-human being , defining how many times a man may masturbate in furtherance of the donation of his sperm , or defining who can prescribe oral contraceptives, like someone’s boss.

I’d like to propose an amendment to the food and drug law which declares that any person consuming this “acid” or other hallucinogenic drug whether voluntarily or involunarily, be sentenced to life without sex and life without children (the logical result of forced abstinence).

It’s been a long day and I am tired so perhaps I don’t make a coherent point; although I am drafting a more detailed legal explanation of this stuff, (are you familiar with my blog, you know the one you are reading right now and the one the ABA likes well-enough to deem one of it’s top “blawgs”–although maybe not so much after I post this little explanation), but in the meantime,


Doctor’s, paging all doctors:  do you realize that with the passage of these “personhood amendments” it is inevitable that the following sentence will one day be uttered : “OOPS I dropped the petri dish, guess I better call my criminal defense lawyer because I am guilty of negligent homicide!”

Guys, Men, Boys, are you out there?  Do you really like the slippery slope you are on here?  Right now we are just talking about masturbation for purposes of sperm donation but how far off are we — with passage of a law like this — from saying that masturbation ain’t okay because . . . (let me tell you your freedom of religion clause does NOT go here).

Ladies, girls, women, babes, let’s be real now . . . we all take them at one point or another.  One study I read said that more than 90% of women of reproductive age take oral contraceptives at some point in their reproductive life.  I personally thought this was an issue long ago resolved by the US Supreme Court but I guess it’s an issue again and now our boss gets to decide whether our insurance will pay for them (by the way, they ain’t cheap when you are paying out-of-pocket).

Seriously, where has MY America gone?  We are suddenly on this slope which has the potential to erode personal, sexual and reproductive freedom in ways never before imagined.  I have to believe the founding fathers would have objected to the masturbation thing.  Why is no one saying anything about this?  I have not heard one peep from a doctor who is now liable for all the little lives in cryopreservation in their fertility clinic in Oklahoma.  Docs, don’t turn to us lawyer’s for too much sympathy — where was your voice in the debates against this law?  I didn’t hear you in New York and now we are dealing with this stuff here.  New York, one of the States I am proud to live in because of its progressive stance on same-sex marriage.  Wow, never thought of this before . . . assuming the slippery slope (that is such a poor metaphor, I am sorry but it is a legal term of art) gets really slippery and this bill passes, then how far away is the State from telling us when and how we can have sex, yet another issue that I thought the US Supreme Court resolved.  My wonderful progressive state may not be so progressive.  Not so much.  No.

Why aren’t people speaking up?  Don’t you get how dangerous these statutes/laws are?  Every day we are dialing back United States laws by decades . . . what’s next equal protection?  No birth control seems like an equal protection issue to me, sounds like there are some potentially serious issues are facing us.  SPEAK UP.

Please join me:

“I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

I guess you can ignore me if you’re not worried about being guilty for killing preembryos, in jail for masturbating too many times, or pregnant because you couldn’t afford to pay for your oral contraceptives that your boss wouldn’t cover under your health insurance.

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