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So, further to our task here at the Stork Lawyer HQ, I watched another movie (surprisingly available for sale at Wal-Mart) on infertility and entitled Miss. Conceivability starring Heather Graham.

A british film, or at least filmed in the UK and based on a character living in London, the film’s heroine is in her early thirties (at the oldest, although her age is not addressed in the film unless I missed it) and is in a relationship that is struggling. On top of the bad relationship she has decided that she wants to have a baby. While her boyfriend is off filming a movie, she learns from a fertility specialist that she has “only one egg left.”

Sorry, did you miss my eyes rolling back in my head? She has ONE EGG left. PULEASE. Why can’t these writers at least do some research?????

The story next revolves around her desparate attempt to get pregnant (without her boyfriend, not that I really cared) in her next and final ovulatory cycle. Ha! No mention of using medical assistance like an IUI if this in fact her final attempt forever and ever. She’s sent home with instructions to have lots of sex (or something equally offensive given her plight).

The film’s one redeeming quality is that it now gets somewhat funny . . . the lengths she will go to in order to get pregnant and the trials and tribulations of trying to interview potential sperm donors to have sex with and/or to give her a sample is handled rather well. I did chuckle a few times. Her friends are trying to help as well, and of course her best male gay friend is put up to the task (pardon the pun, yikes!) of trying to help her get pregnant. I like silly things so this part of the film worked for me. It was, however, sadly the only part of the film I enjoyed.

Alas, nothing works out and she misses her final opportunity at getting pregnant. Her boyfirend returns home, she reveals what she has been through, they realize they are meant to be together and voila a few months later she is of course PREGNANT on her own, without assistance, and quite by accident it would seem.

I hate movies like this. I hate the “just relax” and you’ll get pregnant theme of this movie. I hate the lack of medical credibility.

I want to watch a movie that deals with this topic fairly. I want to watch something REALISTIC. Hey, there are reality shows about every other topic on the face of the earth from little people to families aith 18 children . . . adoption stories . . . baby stories . . . but no infertility stories. Why is that?

This movie gets my official thumbs down and a definite do NOT watch it if you’re infertile or know someone who is.



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