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I was just thinking about the symmetry of the title of the StorkLawyer Blogging to Build Your Family weblog’s first post . . . Hello World indeed!  As babies come into this world we often see pictures and announcements that say "hello world" on them . . . that is what we do at StorkLawyer.com and what we will talk about in the posts on this weblog . . . helping people bring babies into the world and into their families.  It’s a really cool way to make a living and I feel very blessed to have been given this opportunity to participate in such an intimate way in people’s lives.  Helping people realize dreams is such an amazing thing to witness.  Danielle Bifulci (my associate) and I were talking today about starting a baby wall . . . like in an obstetrician’s office where they have the pictures of all of the babies the doctor has helped bring into the world.  Like I said, it’s really cool to know we help grow families.

What do we do you wonder?  Well, just about anything you could need if you’re infertile or having trouble having a baby . . . or otherwise interested in adoption . . . from consulting services for infertility treatment to help you figure out the "what next" in your treatment options (intrauterine insemination or IVF?) to helping you with almost any aspect of egg donation, gestational surrogacy, embryo donation to starting an adoption plan (we even help you decide how to adopt if you can’t decide between domestic and international adoption).  We do it all.  Legal services, personal services . . . just listening.

This weblog will be devoted to talking about decision-making for people trying to have a baby or expand their families using assisted reproductive technologies like egg donation or those interested in adoption.  Have a question that someone who has been through infertility and adoption might be able to answer, post it here.  Need to vent about your doctor or how hard and expensive this stuff all, start a topic.  Need answers about what your egg donation or gestational surrogcay agency is telling you and want to know the insider’s perspective (without trying to get your business — I promise), post it here or see our “Insider’s Advice”.

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And thank you for your patience as we get up and running!

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