Affording Infertility and Adoption

October 29, 2008 | By:

As I am trying to move people over from our old blog to our new blog home, I discovered someone had posted a comment on donor compensation this week on the old site (I’ll move the post over soon, I promise).  She was troubled at how expensive this all is.  I hear you sister!  It is all too expensive.

My office is trying to help (and I blogged about it somewhere) that we’re offering free legal services to people who are strapped and we’re offering discounts to people who get a postcard from our office from their doctor, clinic, psychologist or just from a huge mailing we’re doing . . . I’m trying to help.  I’m trying to get people to give me a list of creative financing too.  I want to hear how people are coming up with the money.  Sharing information is the best way to help isn’t it?  Angie Best Boss and Evelina Wideman are about to publish a book on Budgeting for Infertility.  It’s a great resource.  But there needs to be more.

And so I also am going to start a discussion about the Federal Adoption Tax Credit.  I still don’t get how people don’t know about this huge resource for helping you afford adoption expenses.  And I am going to keep a running list of tips and ideas that people share here.

But I do need everyone’s help. Whether it’s venting about your own financial situation or giving me a tip I can share with people who visit the site, I want to know how everyone is swinging this stuff.  Cuz I know we’re all not trying to have babies to fill our new VW minivan.  😉


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