What do Celine Dion and I have in common?

February 22, 2010 | By:

okay well maybe not very much.  She’s tall, lanky and gorgeous and I am petite, voluptuous and on a good day with a ton of make-up and a professional blow-out some might say I am pretty.  LOL!  But seriously folks, I do have a bit in common with the queen of the tear-me-up ballad.  And that is, we both tried to conceive our sons at the same time (okay, so mine took 7 IVF attemps, 5 miscarriages and an adoption and she only need ONE attempt at IVF), and we both want another baby.  Here’s where the comparison gets more real.  She’s now unfortunately and horribly had a bunch of miscarriages (I am currently counting 10 but my therapist says I shouldn’t count . . .  um yeah right!), and is racing the clock to have another baby, and is rapidly approaching the number if IVF cycles I gutted my way through.  Even more in common, can it be?  Yes indeed!  We both sleep with our 7 year old sons in our bed (and don’t even TRY to flame me on this, I believe in the family bed and I WILL take down any posts that disrespect anyone’s style of doing anything on this blog), and we both relish the days we have left with our little boys being small enough and young enough to snuggle with.  Okay, so I am not claiming that I am her evil twin double . . . but I know how she feels and I commend her for going public on the cover of People and I wish her all the success in the world.

And I wish me all the success in the world too.  But that is the subject of another blog.  (would someone please tell me where the emoticons are in WordPress???).

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