Is there really finally a movie about infertility?

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Okay, Jennifer Aniston and Johnny Depp do not star in this film but it was posted on a friend’s FB page and I watched the trailer.  And I think you should too.  I want to watch the entire movie . . . but more importantly, as I continue on my review of movies from Hollywood with an infertility theme (latest was Julie and Julia) I really think that someone other than a physician with connections needs to do a movie on this.  Or a television show.  Something.  not to get on my soapbox too many times but seriously, 12 million Americans have infertility.  You don’t think some screenwriter out there could come up with a realistic screenplay for a movie on infertility?????  Or hey, what about reality tv?  We have 16 and pregnant, the duggars, a baby story, stories of adoptees reuniting with their birth families, survivor, an adoption story, why on god’s green earth don’t we have a tv show documenting what we go through to become parents???????

In the meantime, watch this.  It’s worth it.  Infertility Movie

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  1. Kir says:

    I Completely AGREE!!!! They show every stupid aspect of people’s lives that have nothing to do with a “real”ality.

    I want to see myself in a movie, (Charlotte’s story on SATC was great until the adoption/pregnancy. * not that I begrudged it, hey it’s Hollywood but I couldn’t beleive they would go so cliche on us, after what they had done to show us in a light that was real*) I want to know that I’m represented and then maybe people who feel it’s their god given right to make decisions for me about my body and my family building, will see the real pain that comes with infertility.

  2. Chipboard Sheets says:

    well, i would say that infertility can be a thing of the past because of modern advancements in medicine *`-

  3. C.S. John says:

    I entirely agree myself. I have made a few films (only comedies mind you), and had a serious talk with my wife last night whether we could put ourselves through the process of making a film on this topic.

    It looks like I have the go ahead to do so from her, and already have an Emmy nominated Editor, an award winning sound designer, and myself onboard. If we got it off the ground it will be a documentary style feature length film… just have to spend a few weeks seeing if our connections can get a celebrity involved (which dramatically helps fundraising). There are so many who have dealt with this issue, hopefully someone would stand up with us.

  4. Smoochin84 says:

    Hi there is a movie called “Maybe Baby” It’s a comedy that deals with infertility.

  5. Donna says:

    “Funny About Love” starring Gene Wilder and Christine Lahti shows a marriage falling apart due to infertility and “Immediate Family” Starring Glenn Close, James Woods and Mary Stuart Masterson deals with an infertile couple developing a relationship with a potential adoptive mother.

  6. Apie314 says:

    CS John if you are serious about making a movie on infertility I have written music on the topic and you may be interested for your project

  7. Liz says:

    @ CS John. Any progress with your film? I would love to hear more. And apparently so would others.


  8. Karen L. Johnson says:

    There is a movie that I dont remember the name or even the actress that plays on it. I thought it was heather graham but I’m not 100 percent sure!!. I do know she plays on miss conception & baby on board & blessed also. But I happen to see those arent the movies I was thinking about! But its about a woman feeling if she doesn’t get pregnant real soon that she may miss her chance that her feeling her clock is ticking. Her boyfriend or husband I can’t remember over that as well. But he doesnt want kids. So this woman sneaks to give herself fertility shots as she does odd jobs on the side I believe! One of the jobs she is dressed up wearing a suit advertising at a food place! I think it was a elephant suit. & her friend trying to support her! At one point it shows her in the bathroom fighting with this suit giving herself a shot. She receives annoying bill collector phone calls & she gets aggravated because she is ovaling this bill collecter doesnt get off the phone to a point she threateneds him. At the end of the movie she steals her husband or boyfriends sperm from a condom because he wants to make sure she knows he doesnt want a baby! She happens to place the sperm in a paper sack in a container. She ends up being arrested falling to the ground fighting with the cops her trying to keep from loosing the sperm on the ground. They end up showing pictures of them having a baby at the end. & the cops are in the photos also. Its a really cute movie. But I just dont remember the name of it. Or the actress. If anyone may know the name of the movie & can help me find this movie I would appreciate it so much.
    (I have alot of sites displays my written songs & health Awareness)

  9. Karen L. Johnson says:

    Over my question towards the movie of the woman that wants a baby & the guy she is with doesn’t. I had realized I didn’t put my emailing address down incase someone happens to recall this movie I was discussing on this site here. : My emailing address is: I do hope someone knows the name of this movie like I had mentioned it really is a good movie.

  10. Anna says:

    This might be a late comment considering the post was made in 2010 – but I am from Sweden and there has just been a TV-documentary series called I want a child no matter what (Barn till varje pris) which follows couples who are suffering from infertility.

  11. Irina Vodar says:

    I was doing a search on films about infertility and your post poped up. I was very excited to see which traiiler it was and am grateful that you posted it. I’m working on a film about infertility that has a more invimate portrayal. Please take a look:!trailer/mainPage

    Would love to hear your feedback.
    All the best, irina

  12. Sharon says:

    This is almost the end of 2016, did anyone finally make a film/documentary about infertility? Please share as I have just gone through a failed IVF cycle.. it’s heartbreaking and I hope there is a film to represent my story.