What does it take to be successful?

April 9, 2007 | By:

So . . . here we go, information session (I am forwarding this blog onto a variety of professionals and donors for their feedback).

I want to know from everyone, what do YOU think it takes to make a successful egg donation cycle?  What should you look for in a donor, what should a donor look for in the recipient parent(s), what are warning signs that the match isn’t right, is open egg donation really important and how much openness are people really comfortable with anyway?

Let’s get talking!

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  1. teamwinks says:

    Glad you are back! Sorry about getting sick though. I wish I had something to contribute to this one, but I will be sitting back and reading!

  2. Amy Demma says:


    Excellent question!!! Like your baby wall mentioned in another one of your posts, my team and I find much inspiration when we look back to the many families we have been blessed to work with. Recently I shared with you that Prospective Families has reached a 100% success rate….every match we have worked with has resulted in a pregnancy and all Intended Mothers are still very much pregnant….how’s that for success??? My answer to your question is based in our mission: Collaboration, Committment, Success…all members of the fertility team should have and continue to nurture a great working relationship and a focus on the desired outcome…a pregnancy.

    Everyone: IPs, Donor, Attnys, Clinicians and Agency Team need to remain communicative, responsive and partnered through-out the cycle.

    Hope that’s helpful!