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So hopefully after my rant about that VW ad, most of you don’t completely hate me.  But then again, even if you do hate me for voicing my opinion that it is inappropriate in an economy that is falling apart around us, to suggest procreating in order to buy a fancy car . . . I think you get my point that IVF and adoption are expensive and it’s only getting harder to pay for all of this.  How do people pay for it anyway?  There’s a great new book coming out called Budgeting for Infertility which has some great ideas about planning for infertility treatment and making smart choices (I was asked to write a review for the book cover and I missed the deadline, so I am hoping to make it up to the authors by telling everyone in this blog that I think the book is a tremendous resource!) .  And of course, I devoted some pages in each of my own books (The Infertility Survival Handbook and The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Adoption) . . . but seriously I am going to devote an entire section of my blog to getting ideas and suggestions from everyone, and posting some of my own, that we can all use and share.

I remember the scene from Mr. Mom (yeah okay, I am that old) where Terri Gar (sp?) is pitching an advertising campaign for canned tuna and talks about the economy and how the company should offer to reduce the price of its tuna to help the American people with their food bills.  Brilliant!! (and like VW is going to do that anytime soon . . . and when am I going to let that go??)!  So it gave me an idea . . . my office is offering free legal services every fiscal quarter.  You show me and my financial advisors that you’re really tapped out and we’ll draft your egg donation agreement or your surrogacy agreement for FREE!  I am also sending out a huge mailing to clinics and agencies with tons of postcards that give everyone 10% off any of our services.  see

But I want more ideas.  I am compiling a list of resources for people that will be available on my website for ways to pay for treatment or adoption and I need input.  My first thing to put on the Financially Friendly Family Building Fact Sheet is:

Budgeting for Infertility:  How to Bring Home a Baby Without Breaking the Bank by Angie Best-Boss and Evelina Weidman Sterling (Fireside Books).

Angie and Evelina, job well done!

so let me hear those ideas!!!

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  1. Heather says:

    Hi Liz, I’m reading through your blog tonight. Funding a donor cycle is the critical point where I’m overwhelmed with how to go about getting information, help, and getting it all answered before mid -December. did anyone respond to this blog? Do you have specific info on HOW to finance a donor cycle? I’m in need of help. And I’m overwhelmed. And I’m running out of time as an “advanced maternal age” patient. I appreciate your suggestions. Thanks.