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Have you noticed how expensive infertility treatment, third-party assisted reproduction, and adoption are these days? Every time we turn around we are blown away by how much it costs to have a baby when you’re reproductively challenged. It has been years since Liz’s infertility treatment ended and she still feels the effects of the gazillion dollars she and her husband spent making their dream of a family a reality.

We at the StorkLawyer’s office want you to know we understand that it isn’t fair that you’re spending a fortune to have a family. And we want to help! Under this menu tab you’ll find offers for discounts on our services and Liz’s books, including our offer to give you free legal services toward one cycle of family building (The Stork Lawyer’s Free Contract Offer), not to mention giving you some really helpful free information.

There is too much you have to pay for (even if it’s “just” your time and energy surfing the internet for information), so we hope that in these pages you’ll find something that helps defray the cost of your family building or gives you answers to questions without having to spend hours on your computer or making a hundred phone calls.

And if you have any thoughts on other ways we can help make this more affordable, or questions for another E-Book not listed (or for the ones that haven’t yet been finished), please email us and let us know. We love your input!