Suggested Reading


  • Family Bound cover
    Family Bound: One Couple’s Journey Through Infertility and Adoption
    by Carrie F. Ostrea
    ISBN# 0595274293
    iUniverse, Inc.
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  • Adoption Journeys cover
    Adoption Journeys: Parents Tell Their Stories
    by Carole S. Turner
    ISBN# 0756754046
    Diane Pub Co
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  • Adoption Without Fear cover
    Adoption Without Fear
    by James L. Gritter
    ISBN# 0931722713
    Corona Publishing Co.
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  • Launching a Baby's Adoption
    Launching a Baby’s Adoption: Practical Strategies for Parents and Professionals
    by Patricia Irwin Johnston
    ISBN# 094493420X
    Perspectives Press (IN)
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  • Adoption Is a Family Affair cover
    Adoption Is a Family Affair!: What Relatives and Friends Must Know
    by Patricia Irwin Johnston
    ISBN# 0944934285
    Perspectives Press (IN)
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Alternative Treatments

  • The Whole Person Fertility Program cover
    The Whole Person Fertility Program(SM): A Revolutionary Mind-Body Process to Help You Conceive
    by Niravi B. Payne
    ISBN# 0609801988
    Three Rivers Press
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  • Conquering Infertility cover
    Conquering Infertility: Dr. Alice Domar’s Mind/Body Guide to Enhancing Fertility and Coping with Infertility
    by Alice Lesch Kelly
    ISBN# 0142002011
    Penguin (Non-Classics)
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  • Inconceivable cover
    Inconceivable: A Woman’s Triumph over Despair and Statistics
    by Julia Indichova
    ISBN# 0767908201
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  • Getting Pregnant Naturally cover
    Getting Pregnant Naturally: Healthy Choices To Boost Your Chances Of Conceiving Without Fertility Drugs
    by Winifred Conkling
    ISBN# 0380796333
    Harper Paperbacks
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  • Taking Charge of Your Fertility cover
    Taking Charge of Your Fertility, 10th Anniversary Edition: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health
    by Toni Weschler
    ISBN# 0060881909
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  • The Infertility Diet cover
    The Infertility Diet: Get Pregnant and Prevent Miscarriage
    by Fern Reiss
    ISBN# 1893290395
    Peanut Butter and Jelly Press
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  • Acupuncture & IVF cover
    Acupuncture & IVF: Increase IVF Success by 40-60%
    by Lifang Liang
    ISBN# 1891845241
    Blue Poppy Press
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  • Endometriosis cover
    Endometriosis: A Key to Healing Through Nutrition
    by Michael Vernon
    ISBN# 0007133103
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  • The Infertility Cure cover
    The Infertility Cure: The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies
    by Randine Lewis
    ISBN# 0316159212
    Little, Brown and Company
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Child-free Living

  • The Childless Revolution cover
    The Childless Revolution: What It Means to Be Childless Today
    by Madelyn Cain
    ISBN# 0738206741
    Da Capo Press
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  • Without Child cover
    Without Child: Challenging the Stigma of Childlessness
    by Laurie Lisle
    ISBN# 0415924936
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Embryo Donation

  • Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation cover
    Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation
    by Evelina Weidman Sterling
    ISBN# 0944934323
    Perspectives Press (IN)
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  • The Long-Awaited Stork cover
    The Long-Awaited Stork: A Guide to Parenting After Infertility
    by Ellen Sarasohn Glazer
    ISBN# 002911814X
    Lexington Books
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Gestational Surrogacy

  • Assisted Reproduction cover
    Assisted Reproduction: The Complete Guide to Having a Baby with the Help of a Third Party
    by Theresa Marie Erickson
    ISBN# 0595343198
    iUniverse, Inc.
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  • A Matter of Trust cover
    A Matter of Trust: The Guide to Gestational Surrogacy
    by Gail Dutton
    ISBN# 0965596605
    Clouds Publishing
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Children’s Books

  • A Part Was Given and an Angel Was Born cover
    A Part Was Given and an Angel Was Born
    by Rozanne Nathalie
    ISBN# 1931646783
    Beaver’s Pond Press
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  • Mommy, Was Your Tummy Big cover
    Mommy, Was Your Tummy Big?
    by Carolina Nadel
    ISBN# 0979276101
    Mookind Press
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  • From Out of My Body Your Soul Did Grow cover
    From Out of My Body Your Soul Did Grow
    by Rozanne Nathalie
    ISBN# 1931646775
    Beaver’s Pond Press
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  • The Kangaroo Pouch cover
    The Kangaroo Pouch: A Story About Gestational Surrogacy For Young Children
    by Sarah Phillips Pellet
    ISBN# 1425105572
    Trafford Publishing
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  • Our Beautiful Work of A.R.T cover
    Our Beautiful Work of A.R.T
    by Rozanne Nathalie
    ISBN# 1931646767
    Beaver’s Pond Press
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  • Special Delivery cover
    Special Delivery
    by Rozanne Nathalie
    ISBN# 1931646791
    Beaver’s Pond Press
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